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Art of my Characters from Others!

Qing .: Trade :. by Gingerblazee

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Sketch Requests by Xeohelios

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Ramen Cup
Right out of the oven (2/3) by Winter-blizz



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Annnd here's the plush contest~

Edit8: Updated Thimble's (ponysona) reference image so that it is now her up-to-date design. If there is no way to change your entry and you chose to draw her, don't worry about it, it won't count against you if you used the old design.
Also added a better reference image for Ramen Cup (pony oc)

Edit7: Added another pony character--she's at the bottom of the list.

Edit6: Sorry about all the edits but. I added two more lovely characters for y'all to pick from for your entries~ (my puzzaricats) Scroll to the bottom for their info! I have also decided that you may enter up to 5 times if you like (since there's so many characters lol)

Edit5: Please read all of the rules. I know it's lengthy but people keep repeating the same mistakes, especially with the raffle. At least search the journal to answer some questions, or check out the F.A.Q. I will tell you if your entry is missing something but let's try to avoid making mistakes in the first place k?

here:  Win a Plushie Contest F.A.Q.I can't draw at all! :(
It's alright--I've decided to accept other art forms as entries as well. You can sculpt, make paper dolls to stage photos, etc.
Unfortunately I will not be accepting literature/music entries.
But I just can't do art...
Cheer up! There is a raffle in this contest as well, you could still win a plushie! :) It's discussed at the bottom of the contest journal.

Edit4: THIMBLE'S DESIGN HAS CHANGED. Please scroll down for the change. It's minor, I promise.

Edit3: Changed the raffle rules--you do not need to comment on this journal with your share link UNLESS it is not on DeviantArt (since if you mention me/my journals in a DeviantArt journal I'll see it as a mention anyway) Let's not flood my inbox hahaha.

Edit2: there is a raffle in the contest for everyone. it gives those who do not draw/paint/do other forms of physical art a chance to win something, but anyone can enter. It is discussed at the bottom of this journal.
Edit: Someone asked if other forms of art can also be entered. I've decided that yes--you may create sculptures, paperdolls, photos etc for the contest if you really want, as long as the work is soley yours. I will not accept literature or music entries though. I will be judging everything on the same basis anyway though, so making a physical item does not automatically give you a boost! ;)

Show Me Your Artistic Talents Contest! (or try your luck! RAFFLE at BOTTOM)
The Contest: Ends on August 20th 11:59PM US Central Time
:bulletpurple: This contest is a drawing/painting/other art but no literature/music contest. But! There is also a raffle in this contest so you do still have a chance!
:bulletorange: To enter, you may choose to draw 1 or more of my characters (images linked below with descriptions) either on their own, or interacting with each other. You may include your own OCs if you like.
:bulletpurple: You may enter no more than 5 times, but only 1 entry per person can win.
:bulletorange: No mature content entries please
:bulletpurple: You may use any "physical" art medium you like.
:bulletorange: Entries will be judged based on creativity, and the quality of execution/skill, as well as effort.
:bulletpurple: Please no whining, thank you
:bulletorange: Post your entries in the comments under this journal, please do not send them to me via notes or on my page.

Here are all of the characters valid for this contest:
Qing (my personal OC, or I guess "fursona" if you want to call her that?)
RefSheet: Qing by CoffeeCupPup Meep! by CoffeeCupPup
She's about the size of a Shiba Inu (16 inches tall groud to top of head)
She wears a variety of accessories (she doesn't have a "set" number of accessories, do whatever you like), but they're always red, and she really really REALLY likes poppy flowers (it's her favorite flower hehe).
The little yellow sailor birdie in the 2nd image is sorta her pet--feel free to include Meepie if you like.
Her description is all in the first deviation linked here :)

Thimble (my "ponysona")

  Thimble--Redesign by CoffeeCupPup
*EDIT* This reference is correct--please follow this as your guide, not the other images you see in my favorites/gallery!
The "sewing pony"
She's very curious, and often acts like a little filly.
Has a major weakness for sweets/colorful things.
Absolutely loves all things cute.
Wishes she could fly.
She likes to wear ribbons/lace around her neck sometimes, so feel free to try things~
On a general day, you'd probs find her with her window open, and sewing away and listening to happy music while she's at it.
Dislikes rudeness/harshness, scary movies, and deadlines/stress.
If you want to draw her with my other characters--for reference, I'd imagine her to be around 2 times taller than the others--they'd come up to her belly if they stood up straight, and the puzzaricats would be even shorter!

Aimee (feathertail)
More Aimee! by CoffeeCupPup RefSheet: Aimee by CoffeeCupPup
This particular feathertail is a little special, and you'll find out why if you read the description in the artist comments for the second image :aww:
She really just wears any sort of accessory that goes with her color scheme, so feel free to decorate away! ;) (she's very girly/princess-y)
Also about 16 inches tall (ground to top of head)
**NOTE: Only her LEFT HIND PAW is white! The other is gray! It's a small thing. If you already finished your artwork and there's no way to change it, don't worry about it.

Taelii (shiba puppy)
RefSheet: Taelii by CoffeeCupPup
Taelii is not a very developed character yet...but she does have a description which includes her personality :) It's all in the deviation linked above.
She also has an orange swirl on her side, as shown in the original (linked in the artist comment of the above thumbnail), but she is missing the muzzle marking from the original.
Also about 16 inches tall (ground to top of head)

Cici (feathertail)
Cici by CoffeeCupPup
Cici's description is in the artist comment of the above thumbnail, so do go check that out :)
She's full of energy and very sweet, and she's good friends with my other feathertail Aimee~
Also abour 16 inches tall (ground to top of head)

Ramenfox (seriously--I still have no name for this girlie...she might end up stuck being called Ramenfox forever @_@;;)
When you're a Ramenfox... by CoffeeCupPup
She looooooves ramen, but she really prefers healthy ramen (like, REAL ramen) over the cheap stuff you buy for 75 cents at the grocery store.
She's super bouncy, like...really energetic! Pretty much always wants to play.
After a big bowl of ramen though...she really just wants to curl up on a comfy cushion and take a nice comfy nap.
Always wears that red cloak, though sometimes she does take the hood off. Under the hood, she's the same color as the rest of her body (that latte brown color), but the insides of her ears are the same light peach color used to color the clouds...she has big fluffy fox ears.
Her tail is not made of ramen, just loooong wisps of fur that look like ramen.
Same as the others--16 inches tall from ground to top of head (not including ears)

Umbreon (Umbri for short--my personal Umbreon haha)
Meet Umbreon! by CoffeeCupPup Umbreon Sticker! by CoffeeCupPup
She looks like any other umbreon except that her nose is yellow
She wears a ribbon scarf around her neck made with silk--one side of the scarf is red, the other side is yellow, and it's always tied in a bow.
She's slightly smaller than your standard umbreon.
She's shy at first, but once she warms up to you she's quite friendly.
Quite harmless--she doesn't like to fight too much, but she's very loyal and will protect those she loves!
She...really likes any sort of pokemon treat.

Pumpkin & Flei (the two puzzaricats)
Pumpkin- Puzzaricat by CoffeeCupPup Flei by CoffeeCupPup Hi! Whatcha Doin? by CoffeeCupPup Omnomnom by CoffeeCupPup
These two are not related! But they are best buddies :)
Flei is the green one, Pumpkin is the orange one.
Flei is a bit more artsy-she's a seamstress afterall. She's also in general more calm, shy, and quiet. Flei is the really sensitive one.
Pumpkin is a rambunctions silly girlie who loves playing tricks on Flei (and anyone else around), and is in general a little obnoxious (but in a cute way). She does know when to stop and be serious though!
Flei really likes anything floral/pastel/Spring-themed, and Pumpkin really likes anything..well..pumpkin.
You don't need to draw them together of course--they just end up in photos together a lot!
They are smaller than my other characters (9.5inches tall).

Ramen Cup (the ramen pony)
Ramen Cup by CoffeeCupPup
All of her information is in the description of the above deviation~

For more drawings of these characters, please see this folder:…

The Prizes:

First Place (unlocked at 40 entries)
:bulletpurple: Wins a large custom plush (made with the same pattern I used to make Umbreon and the puzzaricats)--it's about 11 inches nose to rear, 9.5 inches head to toe.--> Flei by CoffeeCupPup

Second Place (unlocked at 20 entries)
:bulletpurple: Wins a mini custom plush (made with my mini pattern--> Pokecon: Eevee by CoffeeCupPup )--it's about 4.5 inches nose to toes

Third Place
:bulletpurple: Wins a custom tiny plush (like these: Little Altaria and Togekiss by CoffeeCupPup Frozenbeary [FOR SALE] by CoffeeCupPup) You can choose to have a keychain attached to it or not. These are about 3-3.5 inches tall.

Raffle Contest
:bulletpurple: To enter the Raffle Contest, simply share this journal/contest AS WELL AS my MYO Feathertail event/contest ( and link your share to me in a comment on this journal (IF IT IS NOT ON DEVIANTART). If you shared via DeviantArt and mentioned my stuff, I'll see it in my inbox and you'll be entered.
:bulletorange: Everyone's name will be added to a grand list and I will use a random number generator at the end to choose 2 lucky winners.
:bulletpurple: If you entered the art contest as well, you may not win at both the art contest and the raffle (If you win the art contest, and I draw your name in the raffle, I will simply redraw for the raffle)
:bulletorange: Winners will receive 1 custom tiny plush made with one of my prexisting patterns (so any of the tiny plushies that I've made before, or a bear--you can choose new colors of course)

I will only cover half of the shipping cost--you must be able to pay the other half. This applies to everyone, not just the US deviants.
Tracking will be included for US addresses but is a lot more for international addresses and you'd have to pay that part on your own.

Good luck everyone, and have fun! :)

Entries So Far:…
  • Mood: Optimism
Because it seems rather split between plushies and designs for what you all watch me for...I thought it'd be good to do 2 contests! You may enter both if you like~ They will be described in 2 journals.

EDIT: F.A.Q. can be found here:  MYO Feathertail Event/Contest F.A.Q.I don't want to pay to enter the contest, that doesn't make any sense..?
This is not soley a contest--it is a MYO event with a contest for an added bonus. This way I do not have to put a limit on the # of entries per person, and it will prevent people from entering quantity over quality, and encourange people to work hard to design something that they would really like to keep.
Everyone who enters gets to keep their design because it is already paid for.
It's like a dog show, in a way. You create a feathertail, parade it in front of me, and I judge it =P It's your feathertail already, so it's simply an added bonus to win something.
You should make it like the nekoi contest held by Kawiku recently.
I will not be changing the rules to match the nekoi contest--having people enter for free with limited # of designs, and then only winners keep their designs for free, with the rest having to pay to keep. It leaves a lot of designs very stranded since sometimes the key component

EDIT2: Winners can give up a 2nd custom feathertail in exchange for their MYO to be free (I will refund the payment)

MYO Feathertail Contest
The Contest: Ends on August 20th 11:59PM US Central Time
:bulletblue: Design your own feathertail following this guide:
 Feathertail Species Guide [Huge Image] by CoffeeCupPup
:bulletblue: This is sort of a contest, but sort of not--it's a MYO with a contest attached to it.
:bulletpink: Each design you make will cost you $10 (or 1000pts)--so it's yours to keep as soon as it is approved as a legal design by me and you have paid. You may enter as many designs as you would like, but you can only win once. Do not pay until I have approved your design!
:bulletblue: At the end of the contest/MYO event, I will choose at least 3 winners (though it depends on # of entries) who will each receive a prize (discussed below)
:bulletpink: You may use as many common/uncommon (green and blue) traits as you would like
:bulletblue: You may use 1 rare (red) trait
:bulletpink: No ultra rare (orange) traits allowed
:bulletblue: Designs are judged on quality, not on how well the character is drawn, so as long as you can communicate your design clearly, you're fine
:bulletpink: There is a special prize for the best plushable design (mentioned below)
:bulletblue: To enter, simply post your entry/entries in a thumnail or link in the comments under this journal. Do not note me with your entries. I will then add them to a favorites folder for this contest.

The Categories:

Best Plushable Design
:bulletblue: The best plushable design wins a mini feathertail keychain plushie (3-3.5 inches tall)
:bulletpink: This design is judged by cuteness, of course, but it also needs to be very plush-friendly. This means choosing colors that exist in Shannon Minky, as well as avoiding patterns and gradients (I do not have an airbrush, and also will not be airbrushing a tiny 3 inch figure even if I did own one!)
:bulletblue: I will pay for up to $3.00 for shipping, which will mean free shipping to those within the US, but not necessarily if you are in a different country (sorry about that!) Tracking is not included unless you request it--there is an extra cost.

Best Overall Design
:bulletblue: Wins 2 full-color drawings similar to this: When you're a Ramenfox... by CoffeeCupPup (you can ask for essentially any of your characters to be drawn, doesn't have to be your feathertail--I will not draw humanoid or reptilian characters though)
:bulletpink: Also wins 1 custom feathertail design from me, with any amount of common/uncommon features, any amount of rare features, and 1 ultra rare (with the exception of wings--these are off limits) or any other custom design (cake roll pups excluded)
:bulletblue: I will also put your design into my current standard feathertail base for you (the one I've been using for all the adopts thus far)

Second Best Overall Design (activated when there are 20 entries)
:bulletblue: Wins 1 full-color drawing like the one mentioned above with NO background stuff (i.e. the clouds)
:bulletpink: Also wins 1 custom feathertail design from me, with any amount of common/uncommon features, and 1 rare feature, or any other custom design (cake roll pups excluded)
:bulletblue: I will also put your design into my current standard feathertail base for you (the one I've been using for all the adopts thus far)

Third Best Overall Design (activated when there are 30 entries)
:bulletblue: Wins 1 colored sketch similar to this: Sketch Commission: S0ulEclipse by CoffeeCupPup with a colored outline along the edge (there won't be any symbol drawn next to it--that was for that particular commissioner's request) of essentially any of your characters with the exception of humanoid and reptilian characters
:bulletpink: I will also put your design into my current standard feathertail base for you (the one I've been using for all the adopts thus far)

**You may exchange your custom feathertail for additional drawings (or for your MYO feathertail--I will refund you the $10 or 10000pts) if you do not want a custom. Keep in mind that if you no longer want your custom feathertail WON from this contest, you can only trade it/give it away for free or give it back to me--you may not sell it. Please notify me if you choose to do this. If it is the feathertail you MYO'ed--you may resell for no more than $10.

Entries so far:…
  • Mood: Optimism


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Herro. Steph here. :)

I like to sew, draw, and learn about science...yep. You're lookin' at the page of a future rocket scientist ! ;) (except airplanes is where it's at, not rockets or space, as cool as those two things are as well)

Plush Commissions are currently CLOSED
:bulletred:I'm gonna be busy working on pokemon plushies for an upcoming Pokecon and will not be accepting plush commissions for a while. Feel free to ask about pricing through notes though.

I also make animal/design adoptables. Customs are OPEN
Original Species: Fairpups (info here: )
Original Species: Feathertails (info here: )
Pony Designs (MLP)-- $15 Customs
Random Designs
Adoptables through Plush! Currently: Blueberries 'N Cream Cake Roll:

Digital Art Commissions are OPEN--Info here:

Trade Rules
I only trade with friends/those who I've talked to before/those who have skill levels similar to my own. If you are a brand new watcher, welcome, but if we haven't talked very much, and unless you are very very confident in your skills (or have something I want) please do not ask for a trade, as I will more than likely turn it down.

Blogspot: Blog for Designs: (pretty dead...)
Tumblr: Tumblr for Processes: (also pretty dead...)
Commission Info: Plush Commission Prices:

To Do:
:bulletpink: Mimiero extra art--steampunk feathertail full-color drawing (sketched)
:bulletpink: StarryEyedRomantic custom feathertail
:bulletpink: VioletteFoxx mutezik for feathertail trade (lineart done)
:bulletpink: Adopt Collab Set 1 (sketched)
:bulletpink: Adopt Collab Set 2 (not sketched)
:bulletpink: xWhiteDreamsx pony drawing contest (1/3 entries)
:bulletpink: moggymawee feathertail plush trade (need to order fabric + felt + poly beads)
:bulletpink: Mimiero feathertail plush (still in discussion)

If you haven't noticed, my artwork is almost excusively animals/fantasy creatures etc.
So if you want some of that cuteness in human form...go visit my little sister's page here! She even takes chibi commissions~

Please Note: Any comments along the lines of "Please look at my page/artwork/contest/journal" or "Please watch me!" will be kindly ignored.


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For taiwan2001
For the adopt pup #5, thank you!


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